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Our Mission

Orthopaedics Australia is a team of professional, knowledgeable, caring and ethical people who ensure that everyone who experiences the Orthopaedics Australia service will benefit greatly and move closer to recovery, increase their mobility, or achieve their sporting goals.

We provide the most accurate and innovative solutions spanning the allied health fields, using the latest international technologies to remedy individual problems and pathologies within the patients’ means.

Practitioners send their patients only to us because they trust in our ability and ethics, and are provided with updates on the latest methods / technologies as well as detailed reports on their patients’ progress.

Our systems ensure product and service excellence... every time.


We have created a no fuss catalogue system to quickly guide you to the most appropriate orthosis for your clients. It starts at the feet and lists products ascending up the body sections. Simply look up which body area you are dealing with (for example: knee) and turn to that section. Orthoses will be listed with common prescription indications including a simple description and picture. The most commonly prescribed orthoses are detailed, for other products please enquire.

Simply telephone for a patient appointment, or use our quick and easy referral pad and they can contact us for an innovative solution.

All staff are happy to answer any queries regarding products or to take wholesale orders.

For your PATIENT

Clients are ensured that they will receive the best in Orthotic products and services. Accurate diagnosis is made during the assessment which takes into account your referral notes, x-rays, their footwear, activity level, etc.

Orthoses are fabricated in our own laboratory, overseen by the practitioner who assessed the patient, ensuring the most accurate fit and quickest turnover time.

We have a “compulsory” (and complementary) review system to ascertain the effectiveness of the appliance and ensure the problem has been corrected as expected.

Additional services have been created to ensure that clients receive more than just their therapy products:

  • Orthotic Arch Supports
  • Splints and Braces
  • Modern Fracture Bracing solutions
  • Strength and stretching regimes speed recovery
  • Convenient locations: Caulfield, Kew, Wantirna, Ferntree Gully
  • Custom made and off-the-shelf Footwear
  • Compression Garments & travel stockings - prevent DVT
  • Providers for Medibank Private "Member's Choice" (additional discounts often "nil out of pocket expense" on appliances, all private health insurance companies, Workcare, T.A.C., Department of Veterans Affairs and PADP (government funding system for pensioners)
  • Advice and repairs for prosthetic patients

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