New Innovations

Orthopaedics Australia has found itself in a position of forming strategic alliances with suppliers, establishing itself as a key player within the industry. The latest alliance has been formed with a German brace innovator “Albrecht GmbH”. This company's main focus is research and development in the field of high-need, hi-tech bracing systems in collaboration with top Professors and Surgeons in Europe. Orthopaedics Australia is bringing these world-first bracing solutions to the Australasian market. The synergy created through these alliances ensures faster turnaround times and a greater range of orthotic products within Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Japan.

The “Jack PCL Brace” is the only PCL brace available in the world market. It provides an anteriorally directed force to prevent tibial sagging / instability and is used post-op PCL repair, but can also be used in minor cases to allow natural physiological repair of the PCL.

The CPS (Controlled Passive Stretch) range provides passive rehabilitation to full physiological extension / flexion post-ligament injury / repairs and joint replacement for:

  • Knee - available for either extension or flexion contractures (including post M.U.A. and meniscus injuries)
  • Ankle - applies passive force to dorsi-flex the foot
  • Elbow - treats both flexion and extension contractures simultaneously to enable full ROM
  • Wrist - treats contractures in wrist / fingers following partial / total joint replacements

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